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Authentic Relationships

This intensive is a rare chance to uncover some deep truths about your relationship with yourself and others.

Did you know that the relationship you have with yourself, your Soul, is reflected in every relationship you engage in?

Do you notice the dynamics and repeating patterns of attracting difficult situations and people into your life?

Are you easily frustrated and feel defeated or unacknowledged?

Are you able to navigate through your emotions, dump what you no longer need and embrace what is truly for you?

Join us for a powerful 6-day intensive over two weekends, Online or In Person in New Bedford, MA with Lead Trainers Haridass Kaur Khalsa and Sat Hari Kaur. 

All are welcome invite your friends, colleagues, and significant others.

This Experience will include using tools of awareness, deep dialogue, self-reflection, yoga and meditation to revise your relationship to self and others. This will give you breathing room to forgive the past and heal the present. 

Want to join us but cannot be there for all dates? Let us know and we will work with you.

May 20-21 830a-6p ET
May 26-29 830a-6p ET 

Hybrid: Early Bird $895 before April 20th or Regular Price $1050
Online: Early Bird $695 before April 20th or Regular Price $850
Pricing Plans available upon request with $350 Deposit
Additional fee for course materials*
Contact Julie for info: or use forms below 


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